The best way to get to know us is to dive right into the reviews found in the menu. We review horror, schlock, genre, and worldwide weirdness. We love this stuff. The cheaper and dodgier, the better. The goal is to hopefully bring some films to your attention that you’ve never heard of, or just make you laugh with our impulsive and sometimes unhinged ravings.


Spook du Jour owes its roots to The Basement on a Hill, a horror-themed podcast that then became a blog. After a spell, the podcast ended, and the blog died with it. A short while later, the blog was resurrected under new management as the website Spook du Jour in September, 2018.

In early 2021 after several hard years on the site with virtually no breaks, the editor in chief and his right hand man experienced much in the way of serious life changes and needed a break, so a hiatus ensued. As of May 2022, the site is back up and running.