Letter From the Editor, February 2017


My reasons for starting a podcast were twofold: First, it was an excuse to hang out with my best friend, Kevin, more than just once a month (if we were lucky). It’s funny how the days get shorter and time just seems to slip away as you get older, get married, have kids, etc. When we did see each other we just ended up drinking beer and talking about horror movies.

The second reason was to meet the people I admired. I would eat at their restaurants, listen to their records, see their movies, go to their shows, and read their work, but I never took the time to introduce myself and let them know I was a fan of what they were doing. Plus, I’m no good in large gatherings of people – I shut down and become a giant meatsack/paper weight. I figured the best way to meet these people was to invite them over to my house and actually talk to them.

The biggest takeaway I got from working in a church for nearly a decade was that relationships – real-life, human-to-human relationships – are what really matters in life. I don’t need 10,000 friends, but human interaction is actually really great for you, and if you can connect on some level, even if it’s just being a fan of the same movie, then you’re a better person for it.

After doing the podcast every week for almost a year, I needed more. I met some pretty amazing people through doing the show week-to-week, and I wanted to build something with those people. I’ve become good friends with many of our guests at this point, and there’s nothing in life I get more out of than creating something with other people. I’ve never felt like I wanted or needed a platform to express myself. What I’m curious in doing, though, is building a platform for other people to express themselves. Yes, every now and then I jump up on that platform, because – let’s face it – it’s fun to jump in front of that spotlight sometimes. So I’m taking my love of horror – in all it’s many forms – and building a platform on which my friends can play.

Starting February 6, here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. Inclusivity. First and foremost, we aim to include anyone and everyone we can. No matter your race, religion, gender identity, etc. YOU matter. We will try our absolute hardest to be inclusive and representative, which is what the world needs most right now.
  2. Entertainment. We want to entertain you, whether it’s with our reviews, commentary, essays, short stories, or any of the other content you’ll read on our site. We’re not out to please everyone, and you don’t have to agree with everything we write. Remember, though, just like the horror genre (and Gypsy Rose Lee) does, let us entertain you.
  3. Consistency. I’ve started countless blogs in my life. I’ll go in, guns blazing, posting four times in the first week, and then stop. Just like that. No one person has the time (unless you do this for a living) to post multiple times a day on a blog. Luckily, we’re more than one person. We’ve released at least one episode per week since we started the podcast, and from that I’ve learned that consistency matters. So starting on Monday, February 6, you can expect daily content (minus the weekends) from us, whether it’s a regular column, or another piece one of our awesome editorial staff has spent time crafting.

I have a plan, but I can never be absolutely sure of where this will go. I know I’ve met some really remarkable people in the past year. I know that I love the horror genre. And I know I love witnessing creativity. Community and communication are key aspects of life, so we invite you into our community of love, creativity, and horror. Talk to us. Let us know how we’re doing. Comment on posts. Interact with the authors and each other. Remember, “A mental mind fuck can be nice.” Go Cubs!

Anthony King

Editor-in-Chief, Podcast Host

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