He Was Far Away When He Died

She is laughing in color
Six minus eight is one hundred and twenty
Pink noise and bad teeth
Using a child as a shield.
My mind makes her black and white
She is ashamed and
I send her back to her people
The boogeyman is watching
sitting close by

I hear the ghost child crying
She is always far away
I move from house to house
She follows me
I can not get away
I think I might have inhaled her

Ghosts are in the hallway
They caress me up and down
Whisper words I can’t make out
They want her but can’t have her
She is my own
My love
My blood
My line.

That melody plays loud when someone is born,
But the silence at the moment of death is deafening.
I saw the reaper reach out to him
I saw him see it and
Shrink away
Eyes wide and afraid
But he couldn’t look away
I saw him leave this world
I heard him take his very last breath
He was so far away before he left
I miss him everyday.

The Babadook

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