Weekly Guest Calendar, 2/6-2/12

We love supporting friends of The Basement. A simple way to do that is by putting all of their appearances, performances, shows, and events in one place on a weekly basis. Thus, the “Weekly Guest Calendar.”

Before the Boards: Sonder @ Shelterbelt Theatre

By Beaufield Berry-Fisher, directed by Emma Rasmussen
Featuring: Natalie Hanson, TammyRa’ Jackson, Charleen Willoughby, Jayma Smay, Natalie Weiss and Beth Thompson
$5 + free drink! Reservations recommended!
When the manager of a small town Wal-Mart throws himself off a building, his remaining employees must cope with the loss and changes it brings, including an anxiety-ridden manager from corporate and the large tree that has erupted through concrete and taken root in aisle 7. SONDER is a play about intersectionality, freedom, restraint, and all of the walls in place that keep us from reaching the American Dream.
Get in on the ground floor of a new play! Shelterbelt’s BEFORE THE BOARDS reading series provide valuable feedback for the playwright with both written comments and post-reading discussion.

Around the World In 80 Days @ Omaha Community Playhouse

January 20 – February 12, 2017
Howard and Rhonda Hawks Mainstage Theatre
Performances Wed.-Sat. at 7:30pm and Sun. at 2:00pm
Book by Mark Brown
Around the World in 80 Days is a fantastic journey filled with exotic locations and cultures, with comedy and suspense leading the way. Phileas Fogg, an Englishman, and his French manservant, Passepartout, create a strange pairing with their distinct cultural backgrounds. Their journey challenges both Fogg and Passepartout in many ways, but they come out as winners in the end. The two men journey around the world to win a simple wager, but they leave an incredible story about loyalty and friendship in their wake. This production consists of five extremely resourceful actors who bring Jules Verne’s incredible story to life. Making the most of the Playhouse stage, they create all the exotic locales, the international cast of characters and even an elephant!

The Motherhood Almanac @ Shelterbelt Theatre

By Noah Diaz, directed by Moira Mangiameli
January 27 – February 19, 2017
A play about women; about daughters and mothers // a play about the tropics, death, birth, rain, adoption, peaches, rabbis, weddings, Tuesdays, hair ties, eyelashes // about what’s spoken and unspoken and understood and everything in-between // about swimming pools, wine, lists, wrists, fists, poetry, Burger King napkins, divorce, confessions, PowerPoint presentations, and the parallel lives we were never meant to lead // a play about learning how to carry on and all the things we must leave behind /// The Motherhood Almanac is a fiercely passionate tapestry of stories about the life inside each of us, as told by women and the women who raised them.
Featuring performances by Eli Ami, Jenna Briggs, Erin Joekel Stoll, Kathy Longe, Jillian Walmer, and Sue Mouttet.
Thursday/Friday/Saturday performances: 8pm
Sunday performances: 6pm
Final Sunday, February 19 performance: 2pm
Tickets are $20 for general public and $15 for students/seniors/TAG.
Lobby opens 1 hour before show. House opens 30 minutes before show.
Tickets are available at www.shelterbelt.org.

Leopold & His Fiction w/ High Up, La Guerre @ Slowdown

Doors at 7:00pm
Front Room
$10 Advance/$12 Day of show
All ages show
From the very first stages of creating Darling Destroyer, Leopold and His Fiction frontman Daniel Leopold found himself at the mercy of inspiration in a way he’d never experienced. “This is our first album that happened out of necessity,” says Daniel, singer/guitarist for the newly Austin-based band. “With the other records, making music was always a luxury. I could move at any speed, along any meandering path, and I did. This time the songs came to me with such an impact I was forced to commit myself to getting them out before I had a chance at losing them forever. There wasn’t any time to ponder over anything.”
More info and music at http://theslowdown.com/

Karen Meat/Wolf Dealer/Haunted Gauntlet/Anthony Worden @ Milk Run

Karen Meat (Des Moines, IA)
Karen Meat is from Des Moines, IA and they’re real fuggin’ good. One time, I was building some stuff in my garage and just kept listening to “If I Were Yours” and “Your Blood” over and over again.
Wolf Dealer
Arguably, Omaha’s most popular pre-internet rock’n’roll band.
Haunted Gauntlet (402/515)
(Producer behind M34N STR33T/ex-Oh Possum/adamroberthauG/Deep Sleep Waltzing) beat maker, instrumentalist, producer & visual artist.
Anthony Worden (Iowa City, IA)
all ages
Enter through the back patio

Lonely Estates, Satellite Junction, & Robo Dojo @ The Sydney

It’s Josh McAdams’ and Joe McCann’s BIRTHDAY BONANZA! And quite possibly the best show ever…
Lonely Estates
Satellite Junction
Robo Dojo

Horror Show: My Bloody Valentine (1981) @ Alamo Drafthouse Omaha

Why would you want to watch a lovey dovey movie when you can watch a movie about a maniac murderer in mining gear offing couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pickaxe?! It’s got all the stuff those rom coms and romantic dramas have – sex, nudity, someone being impaled on a shower nozzle…okay, well maybe not. But for all of you that hate the stuffed animal greeting card candy company jewelry store holiday, we at the Alamo Drafthouse want you to be our bloody Valentine!


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