Getting Scared with The Young and The Restless

Many current stars in Hollywood cut their acting teeth on horror films – Jack Nicholson, Kevin Bacon, and George Clooney immediately come to mind. But, for my first column, I wanted to take a few moments to reminisce about two of my favorite genres coming together in all its gory glory – soap operas and horror films. Like peanut butter and chocolate, soap stars and horror films are a marriage made in heaven, and no soap opera has had more “stars” start out in horror films than The Young and The Restless. Ah, to be young, restless, and most certainly the target of a serial killer (or a killer fish…).  That, my friends, makes for some highly entertaining films.

(full disclosure – I LOVED Y & R growing up.  Stopped watching it when I graduated college and actually had to get a job and a life, but recently tuned in during a day off and discovered that some of my favorites still call Genoa City home.)

If you enjoyed Y & R in the 80s / 90s have fun watching these actresses chew the scenery in some horror classics!

Actress: Tracey E. Bregman

Horror Film:  Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

Y & R Role: Lauren Fenmore



Actress: Melody Thomas-Scott

Horror Film:  Piranha (1978)

Y & R Role: Nikki Newman



Actress: Barbara Crampton

Horror Films:  The Re-Animator (1985), Chopping Mall (1986), (countless others)

Y & R Role: Leanna Love




I also watched Y & R sister soap The Bold and The Beautiful for a number of years. Check out this actress (supporting blonde locks) in another horror classic which starred Daphne Zuniga!

Actress: Hunter Tylo

Horror Film:  The Initiation (1984)

B & B Role: Dr. Taylor Hayes



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