[Show Notes] #50 Chris Clemon – The Autopsy of Jane Doe


I first met Chris Clemon the night I went over to his house to be a guest on Nostalgic – a trashy little podcast hosted by Chris and past-guest Makayla Kelley. They were recording their Halloween episode and they wanted a “horror guy” on, and I was as close as they could get. The funny thing is, the conversation leaned mostly toward gay sex and drag queens, which was completely fine by me because it was entertaining and educational as fuck. You can listen to that episode here.


We wanted Chris on our show because he’s a horror fan, and he’s funny as hell. So proves this week’s episode. We ended up recording well over two hours so some good bits had to fall by the wayside unfortunately. Still, we ended up having a fabulous conversation about Stranger Things, new releases coming to theaters and blu-ray for the month of February and The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Thank you to Firebelly Rep and their production of Dungeon High for sponsoring this episode.

Make sure to subscribe to Nostalgic on iTunes, and follow them on Instagram @doyoufeelnostalgic.

Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisclemon and on Instagram @as_if.jpeg.


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