Let Me Watch that for You: Let’s Be Evil


Directed By: Martin Owen
Written By: Elizabeth Morris and Jonathan Willis
Released: August 6, 2016
Runtime: 83 minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Lets Be Evil is a 2016 British Sci-Fi Horror Movie about a young woman who is hired as a chaperone for gifted children working in an augmented reality environment that may be significantly altering the children.

First off, the movie is shot from a mix of first person perspective as well as third, and while it is done fairly well, it creates a very disorienting effect that detracts from some of the more hectic scenes and motion queasiness can be an issue. The visual effects in the movie are pretty slick and the augmented reality effects are done pretty well. That is really the only positive though as the movie felt disjointed, lacking a solid central plot. Some scenes felt thrown in with little to no effect to the story, and the ending makes absolutely no sense at all.

While I definitely will not recommend this movie, give it a watch if you wanna check out some pretty cool visuals, a decent score, and some moderately unsettling children.

Grade: 4/10

One thought on “Let Me Watch that for You: Let’s Be Evil

  1. Thanks for the quick review and saving me the time, I usually like a stronger plot line and I can use the time to watch some other Horror film.


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