[Hannibal Week] Chef Isaiah Renner Prix Fixe Menu

I told you this week that we had something up our sleeves. If you listen regularly, you know I have a background in the restaurant industry, so when we have chefs on the show I usually have to spend a good chunk of the night after recording cutting out large swaths of conversation to get the show under two hours. Chefs are my people, and I can and have spent HOURS talking food, kitchen life, and the struggles and joy that come along with that.

Since we’re talking all things Hannibal Lecter this week on the show I thought it would be fun to tap into some of my chef friends to come up with special menus to go along with the occasion. Way back, towards the beginning of the podcast, we had Isaiah Renner from The Dire Lion Grille and Chippy on. You can listen to that episode here. So I sent Isaiah a weird text asking him to come up with a menu using human body parts. Here’s what he came up with…

Isaiah Menu.jpg
Who’s hungry?

I have eaten Isaiah’s food, and I would eat it again… even if he was cooking people.

Tomorrow, we’ll have one more menu from the man who did it for the first time during our A Nightmare on Elm Street marathon at the Alamo. Bon Appetit!

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