Let Me Watch that for You: The Monster


Directed By: Bryan Bertino
Written By: Bryan Bertino
Released: November 11, 2016
Runtime: 91 minutes
Watch this on: Amazon Prime 

The Monster is a 2016 film that centers around a mother and daughter who make an emergency stop on a deserted back road only to find that something in the woods may be stalking them.

A great mix of emotionally driven backstory and good, old-fashioned monster movie, The Monster focuses on the strained relationship between daughter Lizzy and her alcoholic mother Kathy. This is relayed to us through flashbacks showing her mother’s neglectful and abusive behavior when she is drunk. The flashbacks really set up some incredibly emotional scenes between mother and daughter throughout the main story. Exposition aside, this is a monster movie and the monster is done well. It does everything you want in a monster: tears apart vehicles, eats people, and lurks around in the woods. Perfect.

Heavily recommended if you are looking for something that will tug on your emotions but you also kinda wanna watch people get eaten.

Grade: 8/10

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