Guest Events Calendar 2/20-2/26

Lots to see this week. Get out there and support our friends!

Huck Finn

The great American novel comes to life in a thrilling and deeply funny adaptation. Huck Finn flees the claws of “civilization” for the freedom of the mighty Mississippi. Along the way, he comes across Jim, an escaped slave. Opening Huck’s mind to the reality of slavery, the journey downriver with Jim is a real education for Huck.
Feb 24 – Mar 12, 2017
70 Minutes

Joe Bob Briggs Presents: Blue Velvet (35mm)

Screening in 35mm.
Midnight movie icon Joe Bob Briggs in person to introduce the film!
David Lynch cemented his reputation as an uncompromising visionary with BLUE VELVET, one of the most controversial films of the 1980s, burrowing beneath the surface of idyllic suburban America to reveal a sinister underworld of sex and violence. After stumbling upon a severed human ear, a young college student (Kyle MacLachlan) becomes obsessed with investigating its origins and gets entangled with a nightclub chanteuse (Isabella Rossellini) and her psychopathic lover (Dennis Hopper). A masterfully eerie, depraved psychosexual nightmare and one of the greatest films of the 1980s.

Bed Rest-Bach Mai-Edison & the Elephant

21+ $5
Bed Rest
Bach Mai: singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska
Edison & the Elephant: Omaha based band channeling the feel of indie, folk, country and punk.

Joe Bob Briggs Presents: Class of ’84 (35mm)

Introduced by midnight movie icon Joe Bob Briggs! Screening in 35mm.
The year is 1984. A rabid pack of rampaging punk teens run our schools, our drugs and our prostitutes. Brutality and decadence are everywhere. Enter first-year teacher Andrew Norris (Perry King), who’s forced to violently turn the tables on the bloodthirsty gang before their trashwave swallows the town alive. Relentlessly seedy, overflowing with assault, suicide, racism, drug use and crime crime crime, all of which is perpetrated by minors, CLASS OF 1984 is a perfect exploitation film! The tension of victimization and vengeance create some of the most stirring scenes of violent retribution on record. But beyond all this, there’s a bitterly absorbing air of human helplessness and leather-clad heartlessness that makes this movie the flat-out best in its genre.

Traveling Mercies-Robo Dojo-Kait Berreckman

21+ $5
Travelling Mercies: An abridged history of American music offered up on a platter of losing lotto tickets, runaway dreams, Midwestern family history, hellfire, and brimstone. Served with a side of freedom fries.
Robo Dojo: A band after your whiskey coated minds.
Kait Berreckman Music

Burger Fight 2017

BURGER FIGHT 2017. Chefs Benjamin Maides from Au Courant Regional KitchenJoel Mahr from Lot 2 Restaurant and Wine Bar and Jess n’ Paul from Block 16 engage in an epic battle of burgers, bourbon slurpees, beer and yes, a gravy fountain. Blood has been drawn. Lines have been crossed. Feelings have been hurt. There’s no going back. One night only. Who’s got the best burger? YOU DECIDE.


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