Let Me Watch that for You: #Horror


Directed By: Tara Subkoff
Written By: Tara Subkoff
Released: November 20, 2016
Runtime: 101 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

#Horror is a 2015 horror movie about six wealthy Jr High “mean girls” who find themselves the target of a murderer after a social game gets out of control.

Oh boy, when I started this column we all knew that it wasn’t always going to be surprisingly good movies. We knew there were going to be some real bad titles that were going to be reviewed. This, my friends, is one of those bad titles. I think somewhere deep down there is a great idea about how social media is taking over our lives and some people will do anything for internet notoriety and likes, but this movie misses the mark by a mile. Most of the movie is focused around six wealthy twelve year olds that spend their time taking selfies and saying the meanest shit possible to their “friends.”  At around the halfway point the girls begin falling victim to a mysterious killer. There are cartoon cutaways sprinkled in that feature a hashtag that shoots at the screen and swings a knife around and weird slot machine animations and cash drawer sound effects. Trust me, it is as weird and out of place as it sounds. There were very few redeeming factors here, but I will say some of the camera work is pretty cool and the house the movie is set in provides a pretty good atmosphere.

I would not recommend this title for anyone but it could be fun to watch with your friends as movie to make fun of.

Grade: 2/10

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