Hallway Ghosts

I miss the ghosts that used to speak to me in the hallway.
I used to hear them loud and clear.
They would stop me in my tracks with their icy fingers and remind me that they lived there, too.
They would whisper sweetly to me.
Sometimes they would simply caress me as I walked up the stairs.
I could tell them my secrets.
It seemed like they cared the most.

I can’t go through that hallway anymore.
I am lonely without them.
I wonder if they are lonely without me…

I miss my friend.
I’ll never see him again.
Too bad.
I loved him.
An anticlimactic ending is depressing.
Especially if it is your fault…or if you saw it coming and did nothing to stop it.

A wise man once said, “If you can’t say something nice, say something especially vile.”
I have something I have to tell you, but
Not here.
Let’s go to the hallway…


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