Let Me Watch that for You: They Look Like People


Directed By: Perry Blackshear
Written By: Perry Blackshear
Released: January 25, 2015
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

They Look Like People is a 2015 psychological thriller starring MacLeod Andews as Wyatt a man who is  visiting an old friend in New York City after leaving his fiancee. Wyatt then informs his friend that he believes all of the people close to him are being taken over by monsters set to end the world.

This is Perry Blackshear’s feature film directorial debut (he also; wrote, shot, edited and produced) and I think he has a nice future in the genre. This movie moves at a pretty slow pace but never really seems to lag and it truly keeps you guessing as to whether or not Wyatt is insane or if the creatures he believes in are real. The small cast performs well and the two leads (MacLeod’s Wyatt and Evan Demouchel’s Christian) stand out and make you genuinely care about these two friends. They Look Like People slowly ratchets up the dread and tension to a wonderfully tense and smart finish.

I give this a recommendation if you are looking for a smart psychological movie that will keep you guessing and dreading all the way up to the end.

Grade: 7/10












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