Guest Events Calendar 3/1-3/6

Two pub quizzes, live music, stand-up comedy, a fish fry, and movies. There’s so much to do this week!

PTL Literary Pub Quiz

Join us for book trivia, great prizes and lively competiton at Pageturners Lounge. PTL Literary Pub Quiz features 20 questions in four categories in the traditional format, plus a final question when accrued points can be wagered. Teams of 1-4 are invited to compete for this month’s title.

Prizes will be provided by our partners, the Bookworm and Blackstone Meatball!

March’s special guests are Brenna Grabow and Ryan de la Garza from OK Party Comedy. OK Party is an Omaha-based comedy collective that performs monthly stand up events at The Lookout Lounge, O’Leaver’s, Slowdown and other venues around the city. They have worked with Doug Benson, Todd Barry, The Whitest Kids U Know, Sklar Brothers, Rory Scovel, Brody Stevens, Tig Notaro, Judah Friedlander, Howard Kremer, Kyle Kinane, and many other excellent performers. Members include Mike Perry, Ryan de la Garza, and Kyle O’Reilly.

In March, the people’s choice category will be “Magical Realism” as chosen by last month’s second place team. So study up on your Borges, Marquez, and Allende!

As always, the night will be hosted by Ryan Borchers, Drew Justice, and Ted Wheeler, author of the short fiction collection Bad Faith ( and the forthcoming novel Kings of Broken Things (

We hope to see you there!

The Terminator w/ AYGAMG

With a special musical performance by All Young Girls Are Machine Guns during the preshow. Known for a powerful stage presence and dynamic performances, AYGAMG has played‘s Good Living Tour, the Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival, the Maha Music Festival, Lincoln Calling, and BFF Femme Fest.

Curated by “Colossal Women” guest programmer, Molly Welsh.

“I’ll be back.”

You’d be a fool to argue that there is any man tougher than AHNULD Schwarzenegger as his physical prowess demands attention. It didn’t take long for AHNULD to flip from bad guy to good guy because it simply wasn’t believable that any man would stand a chance in a physical battle with this mountain of muscles. Few ever dared to go mano y mano with this Herculean god of cinema, but one such man was Kyle Reese (Mr. Michael Biehn).

The genre legend, and star of some of the best sci-fi and action films of all time, traveled through time to stop this hulking machine from destroying humanity’s only hope for survival, the soon-to-be tougher than nails, Sarah Connor.

Sydney Movie Trivia

Alright, everyone! You know the drill! It’s the first Thursday of the month so get your butts to The Sydney if you want to win some awesome prizes!

(Me being all cool and vague will probably mean that someone will show up with a team of 13 and bring their Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide…)

Ok, well HERE are the rules and such, in case they haven’t been hammered into your head enough! Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

*The Rules:*

There will be 40 questions, broken up into five categories of eight questions each (with a ten-minute break between the second and third category).

No use of smart phones, laptops, phoning a friend, etc. In fact, you should probably just not have your phone out at any point during the quiz.

Teams of FIVE or less. If you have more than five, you can still play, but you won’t be eligible for our fantastic prizes. And what are those fantastic prizes?!

*The Prizes:*

There will be a first place prize, an individual prize, and Best Team Name prizes! All of which have been donated so graciously by local film-based-businesses/groups and the Sydney!

(Other prizes are to be announced and sprung on you at the discretion of the quiz hosts.)

Lookout Lounge 2 Year Anniversary

We’re turning two (which is like 13 in venue years) so we’re throwing a party!!! Three night of FREE live entertainment and cheap drinks… Thursday, March 2nd we’ll be hosting some of the funniest comedians in town and Friday and Saturday (March 3rd and 4th), some of the finest punk, metal, hip-hop and rock and roll acts in all the land will grace our stage. Silas and Alyssa will be slinging $2 PBRs, $3 Fireball, and $4 Jameson/Jack/Captain. And we’ll have brand new limited edition Lookout shirts available too! Thank you all for all the love and support over the last two more, and we hope to provide you with plenty more of great shows, cheap drinks and fuzzy memories… Cheers!

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Comedy Showcase

Hosted by the one and only Ryan de la Garza

Winslow Dumaine, David Burdge, Dusty Stehl, Makayla Kelley, John Dahlgren, Brandon Cordes, Brenna Grabow, Mike Vamosi, Destiny Sturdivant, Nate Emsick, David Kousgaard, Dan Vaughn, Sean Flaherty and more TBA!!!

Doors: 7:00, Show: 8:00


Friday, March 3rd

Noizewave, Wither, Decay, RAF: Omaha Hardcore Punk, Fr!day, Stronghold, TKO, Alpha 5, Eponymous, Featuring DJ Madix spinning all night

Doors: 6:00, Show: 7:00


Saturday, March 4th

Cordial Spew, Your Last Chance, The Beat Seekers, Finch X Kovacs, Processions, Wolf Dealer, GrownKidz Entertainment, Dsm-5, Trench, T Philly’s Tenderness

Doors: 5:00, Show: 6:00


*Everyone must have a valid ID. Under 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have a notarized parental permission form

Dire Lion Fish Fry Tour

The Dire Lion will be alternating between O’Leaver’s in Midtown and Jerry’s Bar in Benson through the entire Lent season with a menu featuring our finest fish and chips and fish sarnies, plus a few other special items! Our first Lent evening will be this Friday, March 3rd, at O’Leaver’s! Come see us!

Rock of Ages

March 3 – April 2, 2017

Howard and Rhonda Hawks Mainstage Theatre

Performances Wed.-Sat. at 7:30pm and Sun. at 2:00pm

Book by Christopher D’Arienzo / Arrangements and orchestrations by Ethan Popp

Set in L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip in 1987, Rock of Ages tells the story of Drew, a boy from South Detroit, and Sherrie, a small-town girl, both in L.A. to chase their dreams of making it big and falling in love. Nominated for five Tony Awards, this smash-hit musical comedy is an arena-rock-n-roll love story told through the hits of the 1980s like “Sister Christian,” “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” “Dead or Alive,” “I Want to Know What Love Is,” “Here I Go Again,” “Don’t Stop Believing” and many more! Rock of Ages takes you back to the times of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair!

Contains mischievous behavior, suggestive and adult language and comedic reference to drug usage.

The Late Show: Strange Days

Presented in 35mm!

It’s the eve of the millennium in Los Angeles, December 31, 1999. Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) is an ex-cop turned street hustler who preys on human nature by dealing the drug of the future. It’s an environment that will lead him deep into the danger zone when he falls into a maze filled with intrigue and betrayal, murder and conspiracy. Angela Bassett (who kicks some serious ass and keeps Nero alive throughout the whole film) and Juliette Lewis co-star in this “techno thriller” (!) that holds up so much better than many of the 90s relics that initially surrounded it. Written by James Cameron and directed by Kathryn Bigelow!

“Strange Days revels in noir’s period darkness, shooting the future as a vision of the urban nightmare of the past. Through this apocalyptic nightmare, Kathryn Bigelow creates a sense of how all forms of media distort the world we see around us.” – Peter Labuza

The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai

Presented in 35mm for Reel Film Day in partnership with Kodak Motion Picture Film.

We’re ramping up to light speed with the dimension-crossing chronicle of rock ‘n’ roll alien science gone berserk: BUCKAROO BANZAI!!! Witness the world’s leading surgeon/inventor/guitar-slinger battle soulless Lectroids from the 8th Dimension! His weapons are advanced, his wits are sharp, and his #1 pal is Jeff Goldblum in a gigantic, dumb cowboy hat! See the rhythm section of the Hong Kong Cavaliers team with the trans-reality researchers of YoyoDyne Industries to defeat the maniacal, possessed Dr. Emilio Lizardo (John Lithgow) and his reptilian henchmen (including Christopher Lloyd as “John Big-Booté”).

If you’ve seen it, you know what the hell I’m talking about…and if you haven’t, your curiosity MUST BE SATISFIED! Join us for the movie that transformed the summer of ’84 into a spastic, 70,000 MPH comic book triple-jammed with extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional threats and hilarious, impossible adventure! Hit the accelerator and blaze through space and time with BUCKAROO BANZAIIIIIIIII! (Zack Carlson)


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