[show notes] #53 Derek Dillon/Molly Welsh



Iron Crotch Kung Fu – A relatively obscure form of martial arts, Iron Crotch Kung Fu is a form of martial arts in which combatants learn to build strength by subjecting themselves to strong blows to the groin area. It’s said to help men overcome issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

News of the Dead

And, Just To Be Clear… PG-13 Is For Pussies. Spines Bleed… A Lot
That is a tweet straight from the fingers of Shane Black. He, of course, is talking about he and Fred Dekker’s upcoming bloodbath THE PREDATOR. On the docket for February 9, 2018, THE PREDATOR will star Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Sterling K. Brown, Keegan Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, and Olivia Munn.


Molly Welsh (All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, BFF Femme Fest)

Derek Dillon (Alamo Drafthouse Omaha)

New Releases

We look at new releases coming to theaters, VOD, and blu-ray for the month of March


The Descent

“After the sudden and horrifically tragic death of her husband and child, Sarah and her adventure-seeking girlfriends go on a caving expedition through a system in the Appalachian Mountains. A tunnel collapse brings to light the fact that their ‘leader’ Juno has led them into uncharted territory with only one way out and certain death ahead of them. As the fearless sextet descend further into the cavern, they soon discover small mountains of bones, and the creatures that have been devouring the meat that had once sat upon said bones. Who will survive? And more importantly, will it be the cave, the creatures, or the women themselves that claim the most victims?”

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