Let Me Watch that for You: Spring


Directed By: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead
Written By: Justin Benson
Released: September 5, 2014
Runtime: 109 Minutes
Watch this on: Amazon

Spring is a romantic body horror movie (rombohor? rombodhor? robodhor?) about Evan, who after losing his mother to cancer decides to travel to Italy. There he becomes romantically entangled with Louise, a woman who is harboring a dark secret.

First off, this movie was shot beautifully. I began to notice that the camera opened new scenes focused on odd parts of nature, a dead animal, bugs etc. I felt that the romance was a little flimsy with some forced and unnatural dialogue, but it doesn’t take too much away from the fact that at its core, this is a body horror movie. On that front it does wonderfully as there are some real squirmy, squeamish and gooey parts. Louise’s transformations are very well done and the practical effects really put on a show.

Recommended for a watch if you are looking for a romance that is big on the “oh gross” and light on the “oh cute” with lovely scenery and a fair amount of all that slime.

Grade 6.5/10

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