Letter From the Editor, March 2017

We have reached the one year anniversary of The Basement on a Hill podcast. I sit here reflecting on the past year and all the amazing people I’ve gotten to know, and I wonder what I would be doing if not this. In all honesty, this (the podcast, the blog) exists because of my wife, Bobbie. She is the reason I get to stay home with our four-year-old, play with my friends, and, frankly, act like a grown child. So let’s all take a moment to give applause to the woman who made it all possible. I love you, Bobbie. We all love you.

The biggest thing I took away from my time working as a youth pastor has to do with relationships. Developing and keeping relationships is what makes us human. If you look at all of our favorite horror villains you’ll notice they’re all solitary beings. Freddy. Jason. Chucky. Michael Myers. Leatherface (well, “The Saw Is Family,” but, you know). Over the past year I have met over 40 people for the first time. About a dozen of our guests were people I’d known previously to recording their episode, but 40+ people came to my house and hung out with me for a couple hours. Now, I’m a homebody – I shut down in public social situations. I’m a lump of humanity sitting in a corner praying no one approaches me. But in The Basement, it’s different – a small group situation with a common theme to help us hold the conversation together.

I have made some wonderful new friends. This blog is the amalgamation of that. Our writers were all at one time guests of the podcast (besides Macaela, who lives on the east coast). These are some of the guests I call friends. Seven writers, with a common purpose (to entertain), each with their own original and unique voice. And that’s the great thing about this site: I may not necessarily agree with the opinions of some of them when it comes to different movies, but we’re here supporting each other, using our voices, and exercising our creative freedoms as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing.

Speaking of developing relationships, we’re in a very unstable political climate where opinions are exploding like geysers and emotions are running as hot as ever. I encourage each of you to open your hearts to the world, to your communities, to strangers, to family and friends. Get out of your bubble. Experience things you’ve never done before. Tow the line of the awkward and unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. Go see Get Out. It’s the movie the world needs right now. It’s entertaining. It’s scary. It’s thought-provoking, to say the least. That’s all I’ll say here, but you can read my spoiler-free review of Get Out right here.

I’ve seen articles on other sites that are calling Get Out a “real movie.” I’ve even seen some writers ask, “who knew horror films could be so political?” Really, folks? Japanese filmmakers created Godzilla in response to being the only country in the world who has experienced a nuclear attack. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is in response to racism and the Vietnam War. They Live, John Carpenter’s commentary on corporations taking over the world, is a very relevant meme in 2017. Horror films (as is all art) have always been, are, and will always be made in response to something. Non horror fans, welcome to the world we horror fans have always known to exist.

We have an exciting month planned for the podcast in March. Guests include Rob Bruns and Sara Cartwright from the Omaha Film Festival, comedian Brenna Grabow, and Matt Baum from Blackstone Meatball, Montee Men, and Two-Headed Nerd. Plus THE #10!

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. It means so much to us. I encourage you to keep listening to the podcast, keep interacting with our team on social media, and tell your friends about us. Remember, a mental mind fuck can be nice. Go Cubs!

Anthony King

Editor-In-Chief, Podcast Host

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