I See You

I saw a monster yesterday.

It didn’t want to be seen.
It was hiding from me.
It was the size of a small child,
but white as snow
with sunken hollow eyes
watching me
mouth open
kind of smiling

When i saw it, I was angry at someone
and in an instant,
it appeared.
It was like it materialized out of a shadow,
like a fade-in.
It was not there just a moment before,
but it was there and
it was there the whole time.
My anger made it appear.

When I saw it, my face changed.
I stopped talking and stared.

It saw me see it and stopped smiling.
It looked scared.
I wasn’t supposed to see it.
It scuttled to a different shadow and was lost to me again.

I was arguing with my lover at the time
and I didn’t say anything
because what do you say when you see your own demons
looking right at you?

You say nothing.


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