Let Me Watch that for You: Deep Dark


Directed By: Michael Medaglia
Written By: Michael Medaglia
Released: May 23, 2015
Runtime: 79 minutes
Watch this on: Hulu

Deep Dark is a 2015 horror fantasy film about Hermann, a failed artist that moves into an apartment with an odd talking hole in the wall that may be the answer to all of his problems.

Oh boy, this was a weird one. Honestly this didn’t even feel like a horror movie until the middle. After discovering  the talking hole Hermann makes a deal with it that in exchange for company, the hole will provide Hermann with material for his art. The hole is voiced by Denise Poirier and she does a very good job in creating a character out of just the voice. You could tell the budget on this film wasn’t a large sum, but the few gory scenes held pretty decent effects. The writing does a good job of keeping the weird material light, and it doesn’t really pour on the scares consistently, but there are some pretty creepy scenes sprinkled throughout.

I can’t say I would recommend this for everyone but give it a watch if you’re looking for a surreal creepy love story about a man and the magical wish-granting hole in the wall.

Grade 5/10

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