Power Records Presents…

Excuse me as I wax nostalgic for a few minutes.  My love for horror started, oddly enough, when I was six or seven years old. My mother bought me a series of 45 RPM records produced under the moniker of “Power Records.”  These were comic book and record sets designed for children – “The Action Comes Alive as You Read.”

I had a bunch of different sets – I started out with The Amazing Spiderman, no doubt because Spidey was one of my favorites on a PBS show called The Electric Company. I also had The Planet of the Apes series, a couple of G.I. Joe records, and a couple from the “Monster Series” – The Werewolf and A Story of Dracula, The Wolfman, and Frankenstein.




The thought of these records hasn’t crossed my mind in probably 35 years or more.  But as I sat around one night brainstorming on ideas for future blogs, the memories of these records popped into my head, and I went searching.  I found a blog that listed all (or nearly all) of the Power Records that were produced.  In looking through the blog I had forgotten how many of these records I actually had!

Each recording is between 15 – 20 minutes in length.  I spent one evening not too long listening to a number of these recordings that I had as a child.  I smiled often at the memories generated – I remembered so many details in these records, and surprisingly, a lot of lines. I must have worn them out and certainly drove my mother nuts playing them so often.

These are my favorites – if you have 20 minutes to kill have a listen to one of them. If you have an hour, listen to three!

A Story of Dracula, The Wolfman, and Frankenstein

The Curse of the Werewolf

The Mark of the Man-Wolf

Here is a link to the Power Records blog so you can find the comics and read along while you listen if you choose, or just to familiarize yourself with other series!

I’m curious to know your thoughts on these records – please listen to one or two and leave a comment below!


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