WHAT is the DEAL with These ORPHANAGES???

A few years ago, some historians and investigators started looking into the Irish Catholic hellscape formerly known as the Bon Secours Home for Women and Babies. Some discoveries are finally being revealed:

959580-d02df350-e9fd-11e3-bb45-046f3d36ad52Imagine a factory that produces sunshine and babies en masse. Now imagine the opposite of that, and that is what they found; the 75-year-old remains of approximately 800 babies and toddlers. So this “home” is where women were sent if they were pregnant out of wedlock. The women were shamed into silence and forced to heavy physical labor by the Bon Secours family and the nuns there within. It was crowded. Times were impossible. A lot of those kids probably died of disease or malnourishment, tragically, but accidentally.

But not fucking 800 of them.

The community is especially enraged at this discovery because of the burial conditions of the kiddos. They were buried in a basic catacomb system beneath the campus, where they used to house sewage tanks. They’re demanding the Bon Secours family take responsibility and provide a proper burial for each of the deceased. That’s a start. I mean, if you catch a person killing another person, the least you can do is insist that the murderer clean up that gol-darn mess.

That shit is tied in awfulness with the other abysmal goddamned orphanage story that surfaced recently. Back to Australia, the Christian brothers’ establishment, Castledare Orphanage (Castledare??? Is this a fucking Goosebumps book???) is under a whole mess of scrutiny as its abuse survivors are finally providing testimony during a 2-week inquiry in court. After WWII, 7,000 to 10,000 kids with war-killed parents were shipped over from Wales to the Outback near Perth to labor shoeless and underpants-less, while a cavalcade of clergy pervs basically feasted on them and traded them from orphanage to orphanage depending on supply and demand (labor and sexual).


Castledare still stands today, though now it’s a retirement village.

So how could the Bon Secours’ and Christian brothers get away with all this putrid shit for so, so long? Why did the government ignore them? Because of the wealth and power of Catholicism, AKA the Jesus mafia. And it’s well-known that similar horrors are still occurring under their shadows today.

When will this mask be officially worn out? People do not flock to Catholic charities because of their religious associations. The charities work because they’re for good, human causes. The Catholicism is inconsequential. However, when some evil bastard flies a high-ranking Catholic flag as a shield from consequence, that’s when Catholicism is truly recognized. It seems that Catholicism can only be used effectively as a weapon.

Ugh. I’m going to go hug a friend now, this got dark.

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