Let Me Watch that for You: Pet


Directed By: Charles Torrens
Written By: Jeremy Slater
Released: December 2, 2016
Runtime: 94 Minutes
Watch this on: Amazon

Pet is an American/Spanish thriller starring Dominic Monaghan as Seth, a lonely animal shelter worker that after developing an unhealthy obsession for a former female classmate, holds her captive in a cage in the basement of the shelter.

Prologue: Obviously Spring is heavy in the air and if you didn’t notice, the last few Let Me Watch Thats have been all about LOVE! First we had the classic “Man falls in love with a woman who tranforms into a goddamn primordial monster.” Then, who could forget “Man falls in love with a talking, wish granting hole in the wall (complete with a touching and skin-crawling intimate scene.)

Now we have Pet, the time-old tale of “Man falls in love with woman and keeps her in the dingy basement of an animal shelter.” This movie is TENSE. The two leads are played amazingly by Monaghan and Ksenia Solo as captive Holly. The movie twists and turns as you start to question what is really going on between these two. The violence is portrayed in a very real way that is quite unnerving. The whole movie had me uneasy the whole way through, and watching the power struggle between Solo and Monaghan really was something special.

I highly highly recomend this movie. Seriously, just watch it. Especially watch it if you want to see a movie that keeps you guessing, keeps you cringing, and keeps you asking “hey wait, isn’t that the girl from iCarly?”

Grade: 9/10

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