Let Me Watch that for You: We Are What We Are


Directed By: Jim Mickle
Written By: Nick Damici, Jim Mickle
Released: September 27, 2013
Runtime: 105 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

We Are What We Are is an American horror film about two daughters coping with the loss of their mother while also trying to come to terms with their family’s dark tradition. This is a remake of the Mexican movie of the same name.

This film is quite the slow burn, the pacing deliberate as it tells you the story of these two sisters. The acting is good and it needs to be given how dialogue driven the movie is and it really doesn’t take on the feel of a horror movie until the last act. This movie kind of lulls you in with the interaction between the daughters and their increasingly unstable father so that the ending can hit you like a semi.

I recommend this movie if you are looking for a slow, intense, fresh take on a good old fashioned cannibal family movie.

Grade 7/10

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