Schlock & Gore: I Drink Your Blood (1971)

“To the glory of the mighty one in Hell, I will devote myself.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s what I always say while standing bare-assed in front of a campfire before killing a live chicken! Welcome to another edition of whatever my column is called. Now, unless you are the most casual of horror fans, I suspect you have heard of the psychedelic nightmare that is I Drink Your Blood. It’s that one movie about cannibalistic hippies. Hippies that are wound up on LSD and then contract rabies, which the acid turns into SuperRabies™.


“Satan was an acid head” is just one of the batshit crazy things that the horrifying Horace the hippie leader says. When Sylvia is caught watching the cult from the woods, they chase her down and give her a walloping. Acid-head sados ain’t nothin’ to fuck with! The gang then wanders into her town after running out of gas and take over an abandoned house to stay in, and use the small town of Valley Hills’ (pop. 40) bakery’s meat pies as sustenance. They also put an old man on an acid trip.

Pictured above: Horace and fwends

It’s all well and good until the old man’s grandson kills a rabid dog and uses his “grandpawl’s” veterinarian tool thingies to suck out the dead dog rabies and then put the rabies in the meat pies. This is all very technical so I understand if you can’t keep up.

Re-Animator/Sweeney Todd Jr.

Up to this point, I Drink Your Blood has played out almost like an adapted novel. That pretty much changes once the rampaging begins. The cult attacks locals, turning them rabid, as well as eachother, turning them dead. It’s feverishly foul.

If I had to give this movie a downside (apart from the acts of animal violence) it would be that the ending sneaks up on you. It just ends. It’s like reading a novel only to find out somebody ripped out the last dozen pages. You’re given no chance to wind down and so are left needing some semblance of closure to what you just experienced. I suggest eating a snack or drinking a 40 (if you’re of age).

Thanks to Grindhouse Releasing, we the fan are blessed with a truly glorious edition of this film. The uncensored, X-rated cut. Fitting as I Drink Your Blood was the first film in America to receive an X rating from its violent nature rather than for sex. This new blu-ray release not only comes wonderfully restored and uncensored, but comes with two bonus films just because: I Eat Your Skin, which this superior film was made to compliment in a drive-in double-billing, and Blue Sextet.

I Drink Your Blood withstands the test of time very well. Get your hands on this gory spree of indulgence. Do it now, before the hippies get you…

“Look what I got from the claw machine!”

Oh and one more thing. If you haven’t noticed by now I tend to rate most things a bit higher than most. The criteria for which I base my rating tends to vary. In most cases, with the type of material I cover, I am rating based on ambiance, watchability, and entertainment value, with the technical aspects and the acting usually taking a back seat. All those things considered I give this claret-guzzling beverage


Stay slime and be rad at all times!


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