Let Me Watch that for You: Zombeavers


Directed By: Jordan Rubin
Written By: Al Kaplan Jordan Rubin and Jon Kaplan
Released: March 20, 2015
Runtime: 77 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Zombeavers is a 2014 American horror comedy about a group of college friends who travel to a remote riverside cottage only to find out that the local beaver population has been transformed into murderous zombie monsters!

Whoo! This is probably the movie I most frequently passed by on Netflix and just couldn’t bring myself to watch for fear of it being terrible. After watching, I must say it’s pretty entertaining. The writing and acting are, of course, awful but you can tell it was done with the purpose of being a send-up of old and campy “monster pest” movies like Arachnaphobia, but this time with zombified beavers and sans the good cast. The story is pretty generic, the dialogue is bad, and the jokes are corny and crude. It’s basically everything you expect this movie to be, but somehow it pulls it off.

I can’t believe I’m recommending this movie, but watch if you want to turn off you brain and watch a crude, campy, corny and most importantly Zombeavery flick.

Grade: 5/10

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