Let Me Watch that for You: The Den


Directed By: Zachary Donohue
Written By: Zachary Donohue and Lauren Thompson
Released: March 14. 2014
Runtime: 81 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

The Den is a 2014 found footage horror film about Elizabeth (Melanie Papalia) who while doing research on social media becomes part of a deadly game when she sees a young woman murdered on camera by a mysterious user.

Found footage films have been a well-worn genre, but what Zachary Donahue does in his feature directorial debut is give us a fresh take on it. The movie moves at a good pace as we watch Elizabeth dive deeper down the rabbit hole trying to solve the murder while her friends and family become implicated. Around the midpoint the movie seems to hit a hiccup, and plot becomes a little more farfetched. But it comes to a head with an unexpected ending that will stay with you for a while.

Recommended if you are looking for a film that, despite some plot holes, will give you a fresh take on the found footage genre, delivers a generally unsettling ending, and makes you wonder, “What exactly can I find on the internet?”

Grade: 6.5/10

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