Let Me Watch that for You: Cub


Directed By: Jonas Govaerts
Written By: Jonas Govaerts and Roel Mondelaers
Released: September 10, 2014
Runtime: 84 Minutes
Watch this on: Shudder

Cub is a 2014 Belgian horror movie that finds a group of boy scouts on a camping retreat in the French countryside that find themselves the target of a man and a feral boy that live in the woods.

Now, I wasn’t a boy scout for very long, but I certianly didn’t remember it like this. With the casual swearing between the scout leaders and the scouts and the leaders actually hitting the scouts, I could tell Belgium did this a little bit differently. After being harrassed away from their planned campground by some of the local punks (complete with badass tracksuits) the group is forced further into the woods. These aren’t no ordinary woods though as they have been riddled with all sorts of rube goldberg murder machine traps by a man simply known as “The Poacher.”  The Poacher is not working alone however as he is aided by a feral boy that lives in a  large tree house in the woods. For a slasher movie there aren’t an abundance of kills, but they are all pretty creative and fun. There is a pretty long and drawn out scene where a dog is killed that really felt unnecessary and actually bothered me, so be prepared for that. The movie was pretty well paced and nicely done until the last 20 minutes-or-so that feel rushed and thrown together.

While not great, give it a watch for the interesting kills, the rube goldberg murder machines and a couple of genuine “what the fuck” moments. THIS MOVIE IS SUBTITLED so be prepared to read a little (it’s good for you).

Grade 5.5/10

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