Nine of My Favorite Streaming Zombie Movies Worth Your Time

On this week’s episode we discussed George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Romero is essentially the godfather of modern-day zombie cinema. The cool thing (or bummer, whichever way you look at it) is that NotLD lost its copyright and is now public domain, so you can find it anywhere and not feel bad about illegally streaming it (you shouldn’t do that anyways!). The zombie sub-genre is seemingly endless. In my lifetime I will never watch every zombie movie made. Some say it’s a tired form; I say fuck that! Keeping making the dead walk and devour people!
Again, I feel the need to state that this list (and any future list I make) isn’t exhaustive. But these nine are well worth your time. For further reading, you can also read Trey’s reviews of Train to Busan and Zombeavers.

The Battery


“Two baseball players roam the countryside trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and each other.” As I stated earlier, this is probably the most realistic zombie movie I’ve ever seen, and it demands your immediate attention.

Dead Snowmaxresdefault


“Nazi zombies terrorize a group of unsuspecting winter vacationers.” I haven’t seen this for a couple years, but I remember watching along thinking, ‘This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!’

The Fog


“Residents of a seaside village are confronted by their town’s menacing past in the form of dead sailors seeking revenge.” This is probably my favorite Carpenter movie. It’s nearly perfect and deserves (at least) a yearly viewing.

The Hordethehorde-2


“A team of cops raid a group of gangsters holed up in a rundown apartment building. What they didn’t expect was that they will have to form an alliance to survive the night.” This was such a pleasant surprise when I first saw it on Netflix. Good guys and bad guys have to team up to fight some truly terrifying zombies. It’s fun, exciting, and bloody as hell.

Night of the Creeps005-Night-of-the-Creeps


“Extraterrestrial brain parasites invade a small college town, leaving the most unsuspecting people to save the day.” Alien parasites that turn college kids into zombies starring Rusty 2.0 and Tom Atkins? I’m sold. “Thrill me!”

Phantasm III: Lord of the Deadphantasm3_shot3abl


“Reggie and Mike are at it again trying to hunt down the Tall Man, who is now reanimating the dead to do his dirty work.” The Phantasm movies hold a special place in my heart – I’ve said in the past that I find them very comforting. You either like this series, or you don’t. And that’s fine. On a recent episode of Shock Waves, Don Coscarelli said this was his zombie movie. And that’s why it’s on this list.



“Dr. Herbert West has discovered a way to bring back the deceased. Will he use his new power for good or evil?” This is an absolute classic that is equal parts sexy, funny, and gross. Jeff Combs delivers the performance that will define his entire career… and that’s a good thing.

The Return of the Living DeadROTLFD


“Two nimrod warehouse employees accidentally release toxic gas into the air resulting in the dead rising from a nearby cemetery. People from different walks of life gather in a mortuary to try and defeat/survive the walking dead.” We discussed this movie with Derek Dillon back on episode 34. Up until that point, I’d never seen it, and discovered I was sorely missing RotLD in my life.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Deadwyrmwood-road-of-the-dead-armour


“A talented mechanic prepares to battle his way through hordes of flesh-eating monsters after his sister is kidnapped on the eve of a zombie apocalypse.” My god this is tons of fun. Again, I suggest viewing with a group of friends, because this movie is a blast. If you’ve been waffling over this one, waffle no further – two thumbs up from this guy.

What other movies would you include here, and what service are they on currently?

4 thoughts on “Nine of My Favorite Streaming Zombie Movies Worth Your Time

  1. Great list, still have yet to watch Night of The Creeps! Would you guys be interested in joining our FB horror group? Would love for you to share some of your articles and recommendations with all of us!


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