Boombox Macabre | Volume 2: Scary Sounds You Hear In The Dark

shattering glass
shouting men
wolves howling far away
whispers rise out of a deep, low hum
the static is not heavy breath in my ear

Bam! Bam!
screaming ladies
a baby cry over a long ago melody played on a piano with one flat key Ting!
Ring! once
a message from the dead on the line
the beep of the phone off the hook
bats chittering
evil laughter

Roar! Hiss!
cats and racoons screaming and hissing and fighting
Boom! Crack! Thwack!
a wild thunderstorm
ear against the door to make out quiet sobbing
the dog is barking at nothing

Shripp! slick, wet dragging with pauses in between
dry earth hitting the top of a coffin with a slow and steady shovel
a little girl humming echoes

revving of a chainsaw
the dentists’ drill
a metal heartbeat
flesh ripping apart
teeth gnashing



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