10 Cloverfield Lane: When Mansplainers Turn Out To Be Correct

“Well, actually…” is the shortest and scariest horror story when you’re a woman: The daily encounters with men full of conspiracy theories about aliens, big brother, and the government secretly poisoning our food, dudes who call us sweetheart and princess, despite any evidence that we’re sweet or royalty, in an effort to demean our intelligence.  The guys … More 10 Cloverfield Lane: When Mansplainers Turn Out To Be Correct

Tim Haverman’s Drive-In Double Feature

We’re talking double features on this week’s episode! Yesterday, our good friend Charley Reed supplied us with an excellent double feature. Today, Tim Haverman gets in on the game with his.   Blood For Dracula (1974) W/D: Paul Morrissey / S: Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier, Vittoria de Sica Flesh For Frankenstein (1973) W/D: Paul Morrissey … More Tim Haverman’s Drive-In Double Feature


We were lawnmower shopping last month. Upon entering the shop, my four-year-old son scrambled into the seat of one of the display models. Noticing the keys dangling from the ignition, I told him to dismount the machine. The staffer on hand told me not to worry. It’s not like the boy can—and the mower roared … More HIDE YER DAMN KEYS!