Let Me Watch that for You: Grabbers


Directed By: Jon Wright
Written By: Kevin Lehane
Released: January 23, 2012
Runtime: 94 Minutes
Watch this on: Shudder

Grabbers is a 2012 British-Irish monster comedy that finds an Irish island under attack by a mysterious alien menace. Once the townspeople find the alien’s weakness is alcohol, they realize the only way to survive is by drinking as much as they can.

Ah feck, where to begin. I have stated previously that I’m not the biggest fan of horror-comedies because one genre usually takes a backseat. This movie really delivers all of the goofy and corny comedy pieces but does lack in the scare department. That being said,  it isnt without its tense moments, and the comedy really does make for an entertaining watch. The aliens are well designed and the townspeople are as quirky as they come.  The writing is spot on and strikes a great balance of drama and comedy. Grabbers fits right in with the fun monster movies that came before it it – Arachnophobia, Eight Legged Freaks, and Slither.

I can definitely give this a recommendation. Check it out if you are looking for a fun monster flick that keeps it pretty light and helps you brush up on your Irish dialogue.

Grade 7/10

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