[Show Notes] #57 Trey Abel


Music – “Ready… Set… No!!!” by Bomb the Music Industry off the album Album Minus BandBTMI_albumminusband_original

GuestTrey Abel

Trey Abel – @trey1014


In Muslim nations, loudspeakers are set up all over towns used to broadcast calls to prayer. Last Wednesday at about 1AM, instead of the usual call to prayer in the Kuzeykent neighborhood in Kastamonu, Turkey, audio from a porno film was sent out, echoing through the streets of the neighborhood. The mayor of the town has promised an investigation to get to the bottom of this incident. Theories such as workers at a city building watching a porno and forgetting to shut off the speakers to a prankster hijacking the frequency used to broadcast the prayer have arisen on social media.

News of the Dead

My Entertainment World just posed a production listing for Venom, saying that the movie based on the Marvel villain will begin filming this fall with a tentative release date of October 5, 2018. The reason we’re talking about it on a horror podcast is because it’s listed as an ‘Action/Horror/Sci-Fi’ movie. Collider has also reported that Venom will be rated R, with a script by Dante Harper (Alien: Covenant). It’s also reported that this movie won’t be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feature Presentationnight-of-the-living-dead-movie-poster-1968-1020142678

Night of the Living Dead {1968 / NR / 1h 36m}

Image Ten, Laurel Group, Market Square Productions, The Walter Reade Organization, Continental Distributing
Writer – George A. Romero, John A. Russo
Director – George A. Romero
Starring – Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman

“Set in rural Pennsylvania, Barbara and her brother are visiting their father’s burial plot at the cemetery when Johnny is attacked and killed by a lumbering, wordless man. Barbara attempts to escape in a slow-rolling car but crashes into a tree going four-miles-per-hour. Shoeless, she then runs to the safety of a presumed-abandoned farmhouse to seek shelter from her attacker. Entering a catatonic state and becoming useless to anyone, Barb is eventually joined by another escapee, Ben. Seeing more ghouls surround the house and learning about a widespread attack across the country, Ben (without the help of Barbara) secures the house by boarding up the doors and windows. More refugees appear from the basement and the struggle to survive each other becomes more work than trying to survive the ghouls outside.”

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