Letter From the Editor – April, 2017

I got into a car wreck this week. It wasn’t too serious (although my car was rendered useless, and later totaled out by the insurance company), but my first concern was hopping out and making sure the other driver was ok. She was. Naturally, though, she (who was at fault) didn’t have her insurance card, but swore she would call me that night with her info. Uh-huh, sure. I also made the mistake of not calling the police because she insisted we could handle this ourselves, and I was so shaken up (and naturally non-confrontational) that I wasn’t thinking clearly and just mumbled, “Mm-hmm. ‘Course.”

As she disappeared into the bar, I sat in my car waiting for the tow truck, brooding, sinking back into my old ways of hating everyone (including myself). What helped was, while I waited for the tow, nearly a dozen people walking by stopped and asked if I was alright. That brightened my mood a little, but I was still sinking into a deep and dark blue feeling. Thank goodness for my wife, who supports me in all that I do, but also knew how to put a smile on my face by sending me this meme:IMG_4636

As I sat in the office at work that night, my thoughts got the better of me. “People are the absolute worst;” “God, I’m such a stupid idiot! I should’ve called the cops;” and so on. But then this street-hardened 70-year-old woman from the Bronx with whom I work listened to my pity party and told me to stop being so hard on myself. “Everyone was ok? Then it’s fine. Most people aren’t in the right state of mind after something like that. Stop blaming yourself. This is going to pass. Trust me.” And I did. I do. I could give a shit about my car. What hurts most is that I allowed this woman to get under my skin and convince me that people suck.

At this point you’re probably wondering what the hell this has to do with a horror blog. I’m getting there. I turn 35 years old this month, which is a usual time of reflection for me. For most of my life I’ve honest-to-God hated other people. I had convinced myself that it was me (and my little clan) against the world. That started to change when I was working as a youth pastor, albeit very slowly, but I still harbored those negative feelings. And then I left the church to become a stay-at-home dad and podcaster. It is through the podcast that I’ve seen the good in humanity.

For over a year now, I’ve invited strangers into my house. I look back and I see the beginnings of some amazing friendships. Two examples: 1.) Trey Abel – a stranger at the time we started talking. Now I consider him one of my closest friends. 2.) Rob Bruns – again, I’d never even heard his name until a past guest suggested I reach out to him. Now, well, he picked me up from work at 11pm and took me home the night of my wreck.

Ok, the horror movie part. We just released our 10/35 episode this week, and I saw a common thread running through these movies that we love so much. Six of the ten movies on my 10/35 list really bring this common thread to the forefront – friends or strangers band together to defeat evil. The Cabin In the Woods: five friends go away for a weekend to party, the Buckners strike, the friends help each other to try and get away. Green Room: a punk band gets trapped in a sticky situation, they meet a strange girl, they help each other to try and get away. Fright Night: after a little convincing, a teenage boy and a horror host work together to defeat the vampire next door. (That’s all I’m giving you because I don’t want to give my entire list away.)

Between the amazing people I’ve met through the podcast, this silly common thread that runs through most movies, and the incredible support The Basement team has received from YOU GUYS, I’m convinced humanity isn’t so bad. You may not realize it, and/or maybe it seems trite to you, but I just want to thank you for your support. It means the world to me. And, speaking for our team, we look forward to continuing to bring you interesting, original, and entertaining articles.

Feel the love. Share the love.
Anthony King
Editor-In-Chief, Podcast Host

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