Let Me Watch that for You: Zoombies


Directed By: Glenn R. Miller
Written By: Scotty Mullen
Released: March 1, 2016
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Zoombies is a 2016 sci-fi zombie horror movie about a class of zoo interns fighting for their lives as all the animals evolve into zombie monsters who want to irradicate the earth of humans.

Yes, the time has come. I could only pass over this peach so many times before caving in. Where to begin? The acting is about as subpar as you would expect from a movie that shares a production company with the infamous Sharknado. The effects are as low budget as you can get, to the point that the zombified gorilla in some scenes is a CGI mess and in others a man in a pretty shoddy looking gorilla suit. A lot of this could be forgiven if this movie knew that it was a B-movie like Zombeavers manages, but unfortunately this one takes itself far too seriously. A little over the top gore may have also given it a much needed boost, but it is pretty minimal and what little there is suffers from the same shoddy effects work.

I do not recommend this one but go ahead and give it a watch if you are into run-of-the-mill low-budget-straight-to-cable stuff, or if you really want to see the CGI version of the Desert Dome from our very own Omaha zoo be lit ablaze after being filled with zombie birds.

Grade 2/10

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