Let Me Watch that for You: Stung


Directed By: Benni Diez
Written By: Adam Aresty
Released: July 3, 2015
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Stung is a 2015 American horror film that brings us to an upscale dinner party catered by our heroes, Paul and Julia. Not everything is as it seems, however, when mutated wasps attack the party mutating the guests.

Stung is yet another Netflix example of something I passed over time and time again before finally settling in for a watch, and I must say, this time we got lucky… kind of. Stung, while not being billed as a horror comedy manages to squirm its way in by virtue of some sprinkled-in jokes and over the top, gross physical comedy. I hope you like watching giant bugs getting squished and the gooey mess it leaves behind because that is one of the main gags here. Another surprise is that when the mutated wasps manage to sting a person they mutate into an EVEN BIGGER WASP! Now, what I mean by mutate here is that they serve as a human cocoon until the EVEN BIGGER WASP tears through them. The effects are pretty well done and certainly provide some cringe-worthy moments, and the slime budget certainly isn’t lacking. Don’t expect any Oscar-worthy performances, of course, but we are definitely a step above some of the other movies I’ve had the privilege of reviewing (I’m still recovering from Zoombies.)

I give Stung a light recommendation. Give it a watch if you are in the mood for something that you don’t have to take seriously, are ready for extreme bug-squashing action, or really just want to watch people get torn apart from the inside by giant Wasps.

Grade: 4/10

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