Let Me Watch that for You: The Windmill


Directed By: Nick Jongerius
Written By: Nick Jongerius
Released: October 25, 2016
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

The Windmill is a 2016 Dutch supernatural slasher movie that finds a group strangers on a windmill tour in rural Holland. When the bus breaks down the group finds themselves the prey of a monsterous, demonic miller.

Oh low budger slashers, they are like a security blanket. I should have grown out of them long ago but I still love the comfort and joy that their cheesy storylines, bad characters and buckets of blood provide me. This one is pretty much by the book: a group of strangers with troubled pasts take a bus tour together and end up getting picked off by a mysterious stranger after the bus naturally breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The troubled pasts are slowly revealed throughout the movie by way of cut scenes and we find out that all of these people have been dirty sinners this whole time. The kills are pretty decent and they do not skimp on the blood and guts. The killer was decent but really wasn’t anything to write home about.

As a sucker for movies like this I’m giving it a recommendation. Give this a watch if you wanna see a nice easy slasher with a pretty meh killer, some decent kills and a man get his head smashed in by another man wearing wooden clogs.

Grade: 5/10

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