Charley Reed’s Drive-In Double Feature

This week we’re talking double features! (Listen to the episode right here.) We put the word out and asked some of our friends to put together their own genre double features. First up: Charley Reed.

The Raid: Redemption (2011) & Dredd (2012)

“This was actually a double feature that I saw in theaters back when Dredd was new and The Raid had finally received a U.S. release and it is quite a treat because the similarities of the films provide a window to examine their differences.

“Even looking at their basic structure the plots are essentially similar: A rookie cop brought along on a mission to take down a crime lord that commands his/her troops from the top of a massive sky-rise, but that is where the similarities end.

dredd_ver2“In The Raid, you have a slum that exists in modern times, and in Dredd the slum exists in some future dystopia. In The Raid you have an all-male cast while in Dredd the main antagonist and secondary protagonist are both female. In The Raid, despite the fact that the police force is armed, most of the action is hand-to-hand combat whereas in Dredd most of the action involves firearms.

“Ultimately, both are amazing works of art with Raid focusing more on emotion and choreography and Dredd focusing more on atmosphere and special effects, but, together, highlight an incredible action one-two punch to the gut and comparison of unique cinematic visions.”

Thanks to Charley for playing along. (You can hear him on our debate episode right here.)

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