Schlock & Gore: Dream Stalker (1991)

What do you do?

What do you do when you dream about your boyfriend killing you in your dreams? What do you do when he dies in real life, and continues to haunt your dreams, killing you over and over for several years? What do you do when he returns from the dead as a zombieghost guy with a hairstyle as timeless as the Achy Breaky Heart: the mullet?

In this shot-on-video conundrum, the very romantic motocross star Ricky is desperately in love with model Brittney. He makes her promise they’ll be together forever. She agrees. “Even if I get fat”, he says. “Ever heard of lipo?” she replies (Jesus, Brittney! No chill!). He even gives her a scary-ass clown jester music box thingy as a token of his love.

Pictured: Scary-ass token of love

Well he dies anyway, they never explain how, presumably in a dirtbike accident, but apparently when Ricky said together forever, he meant forever-ever! *Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!*

Ricky now resembles Travis Pastrana, Freddy Krueger, and Billy Ray Cyrus all rolled into one.

Billy Ray Cyrus + Travis Pastrana
+ Freddy = Ricky!

What follows can only be relayed to you in guesses, mister director made sure of that. Brittney constantly awakens from dreams screaming, so it’s never really clear where the reality lies. Here’s a list of things that may or may not have actually happened:

-Brittney fights a gang of urban youths who are on a camping trip
-Brittney gets raped by the romantic and dead Ricky. He tries to use protection with a ghost condom but oops! “The condom broke”.
-The youths all have sex while the camp counselor fella in charge supervises.
-Brittney’s friend, Sherri, uses a leafblower.
-Ricky appears outside of an escape boat being used by two hoodlums who attempted to rape Brittney, but run away as soon as they accidentally knock her out. He swims with a knife in his mouth. Eventually he decides to just leave peacefully. (this scene was definitely filmed at an indoor pool).

Be vewwy quiet, I’m hunting bwaincells

Or was it all a dream? Who knows.

While the story makes no sense and the technical side of things is lacking (especially in the sound department. Watch this one with subtitles!), Dream Stalker still proves to be an entertaining SOV flick. Come for the WTF, stay for the decent gore near the end of this ride. I don’t want to give away too much more.

If you’re a shot-on-video or WTF enthusiast like me, this gem from the lovely folks over at Severin/Intervision will be a welcome addition to your collection. It comes with a bonus feature called Death By Love that I still need to check out.


I don’t know whether to rate this thing a 2 or an 8, so I’ll split the difference and give Dream Stalker


Stay slime, and be rad at all times!

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