Letter From the Editor – May 2017

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. We had a really great month on the podcast in April. I want to thank all of our guests that came on for a handful of special shows. (Remember, you can listen to us here, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher.) April was a great month, and we’re looking forward to May flowers.

After messing with the format of the show since January and a month of special episodes, I’ve decided to get back to the way we used to do things. Of note, music returns to the show. Highlighting newly discovered and favorite bands of mine was a main reason I started the podcast in the first place, so this month we have some great bands lined up – The Hard Aches, Fore1gn Body, Horror My Friend, and Mean Jeans. Other than our first show of month with Kait Berreckman, we have brand new guests – Karl Houser (Early Afternoon Tonight), Dakota Kelsay (The Dire Lion Grille & Chippy), and Brendan Reilly (Firebelly Rep).

May is always a big month for movie releases. In our little corner of the world we’re looking for Alien: Covenant and Berlin Syndrome in theaters. As far as Blu-ray releases, there’s way too many to mention here, but just to name a few: Serial Mom: Collector’s Edition from Scream Factory, Evil Ed: Limited Edition from Arrow, Blackenstein from Severin, as well as The Autopsy of Jane Doe, XX, Get Out, and The Blackcoat’s Daughter. (That’s already too many.)

The last thing I want to mention, which we talked about on Kait’s episode, is A Benson Home Companion. I don’t know about anyone else, but I grew up listening to Garrison Keillor on NPR on Saturday evenings. With the retirement of Garrison from A Prairie Home Companion and Chris Thile taking over as host, Kait thought it would be a nice idea to do a tribute of sorts all month long at the Barley St. Tavern. So every Thursday for the entire month of May head down to Barley St. to see Kait Berreckman’s version featuring music from the house band, special musical guests, poets, comedians, and there will even be spooky story time curated by yours truly, featuring some local playwrights.


Let’s send spring off with a bang and welcome summer in with open arms. Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather (wherever you are), watch some movies in your spare time, and remember to love people.

Anthony King

Editor-In-Chief, Podcast Host

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