[Show Notes] #62 Kait Berreckman


Kait Berreckman

Kait Berreckman

We’re back to our roots on episode 62 featuring News of the Dead, What Anthony Watched, new releases, and music!

What Anthony Watched


News of the Dead

The Rock Goes On A Rampage
Remember that arcade game “Rampage?” Well, San Andreas director Brad Peyton is helming an adaptation of the classic King Kong/Donkey Kong ripoff. Centered on a giant gorilla, wolf, and alligator wreaking havoc on major cities, none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be the one to save the day. A basic plot goes like this: a space station is destroyed; canisters containing primordial ooze crash land in the San Diego Zoo, Wyoming, and the Everglades; animals turn into monsters; The Rock saves the day. Rampage opens on April 20, 2018.


The Hard Aches – (We All Die)


Feature Presentation

Pontypool (2009 / UR / 1h 33m)
“Grant Mazzy, the new shock-jock for a small church basement radio station in the village of Pontypool, Ontario, finds himself in a peculiar position: one of seemingly two survivors of a viral outbreak that could most likely be the downfall of his little town. Along with his producer, Sidney, the two radio personalities try to bring elucidation to the apocalypse proceeding around them. Sidewalk is rhinoceros. Kill is kiss. And Grant is now playing God. Will they find the cure before the Canadian Army comes to town and flattens everything and everyone in sight? Is the English language really the cause of all that is evil? And most importantly, can someone PLEASE explain this fucking movie to me?!?!”

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