Let Me Watch that for You: Drifter


Directed By: Chris Von Hoffman
Written By: Chris Von Hoffman and Aria Emory
Released: October 19, 2016
Runtime: 85 Min
Watch this on: Netflix

Drifter is a 2016 post-apocalyptic horror movie that finds two brothers trying to avenge the death of their father in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. After an attempted car jacking the brothers find themselves stranded in a town ran by a cannibalistic family.

So in the description above I say this is a post-apocalyptic world. Now it doesn’t really come out and say that but everyone in this film is super excited to see a working car and everyone is also chain-smoking rolled cigarettes, so I drew the conclusion. You can tell right from the beginning they were going for a grindhouse feel but it feels just a little too polished to really capture it. The writing is pretty bad with most characters grunting and reciting tough-guy lines the whole time. There is also little to no character development so its really hard to pull for anyone when everyone starts dying, however most of the cannibal family is borderline obnoxious so it is pretty satisfying when they finally get theirs. The score is very grindhouse-esqe with heavy synth but also mixes in weird calliope music as well which gets pretty annoying. This one starts out fairly violent and doesn’t really let up throughout the duration and there are a few pretty brutal scenes.

I can’t see myself recommending this one at all but give it a watch if you like post-apocalyptic wastelands, two dudes trying to look like badasses mobbing around in a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire, or if you love to watch people smoke rolled cigarettes.

Grade 3/10

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