[Show Notes] #63 Micah Renner and Michael Hulstein


Micah Renner and Michael Hulstein (OJAI)

Micah Renner:Michael Hulstein


Doctors at a Columbian hospital say they have successfully performed surgery on a woman after she said she was suffering from stomach pain. The cause of the pain? She had swallowed between $7,000 and $9,000 in U.S. $100 bills. The reason? To spite her husband.
The woman says she raised the money by selling off household electronics in order to vacation to Panama. Things got out of hand when the husband demanded a cut of the money. That’s when the situation escalated to a whole new, unexpected level.
Said the doctors: “The patient was taken to surgery. Two operations were performed at the gastric level, at the exit of the stomach and at the disc part of the intestine.” At that point they had recovered $5,700. They continue: “The rest, which were palpated in the tract, were advanced into the colon and were expelled in a normal way.”
(source: UPI)


Fore1gn Body – “Dyatlov”


News of the Dead

Jordan Peele Prepares For Total Domination
“I am thrilled to continue the work we started together on Get Out – pushing the boundaries of storytelling, not only on the next film but with all of Monkeypaw’s future projects.” That from Get Out scribe and director Jordan Peele, as a two-year, first-look deal was reached between he and Universal.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal includes Peele’s next film, another thriller that he will write, producer credits on a wide range of micro-budget projects with Blumhouse, “with the aim of giving a voice and opportunities to those traditionally under-represented in front and behind the camera, be it gender, race or sexual orientation.”
(source: Bloody-Disgusting)

Feature Presentation


Tucker & Dale vs Evil {2010 / R / 1h 29m}
W/D – Eli Craig
S – Alan Tudyk, Tyler Levine, Katrina Bowden
“Hillbilly BFF’s Tucker and Dale have planned a weekend getaway of fishing and celebrating by heading up to Tucker’s new vacation home in the Appalachian Mountains. Along the way, the boys run into a group of college kids on their own trip, led by the psychotic, overbearing, jocular Chad. After settling in, the lovable yokels head out for a night of fishing and happen upon the youngsters partaking in some midnight fun of their own. One of the girls, Allison, is startled when she spots Tucker & Dale ogling her, and slips off a rock, knocking her unconscious, into the lake. Dale jumps into action by rescuing her and taking her back to Tucker’s new cabin to mend her head wound. The other kids see this, mistaking it for a kidnapping. Over the next couple days, Allison’s friend’s failed attempts at rescuing her from, quote – pure evil – ends in what Tucker and Dale assume is some sort of bizarre suicide pact. Hilarity ensues. Guts are spilled. And Tucker and Dale try to overcome the evil that is 20-somethings.”

Thanks to Micah and Michael for coming on such short notice. Make sure to pick up OJAI’s new album “On the Mend” (recorded by past guest Tony Bonacci), and see them live at Barley St. Tavern on May 20th (RSVP here).

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