Schlock & Gore: Demon Seed (1982)

Demon Seed is also known as Satan’s Mistress, Fury of the Succubus, Dark Eyes, Demon Rage, and others. You can see the disparity between all of these names, and to tell the truth, none of them really seem to fit. I’m just going to call it Banged by Satan.

In Banged by Satan, a mysterious floating pair of eyes paralyzes our leading woman in bed and she is sexed by an invisible figure. the first time this happens, she is alone. The second time it happens, the dastardly being does her dirty while she’s laying right next to her sleeping husband! Damn you Satan’s eyes! The nerve!

Look! Look with your dark eyes…


Next it goes down in the shower, and by this point you think she’d be more than a little freaked out.

Like, OMG, so freaked out!

Well she isn’t. She moves into the guest room and starts painting his eyes. Then Satanman starts appearing to her as a whole being and she seems to start enjoying the shagging that’s going down.

The devil appears to get jealous when the asshole husband, in trying to win his wife’s affection back after countless previous outbursts, insists his wife have sex with him at the suggestion of their psychic friend. Why would the devil get jealous? This is dumb.

(actual special effect)

Does the mighty Beelzebub have nothing better to do than appear to a solitary woman and get his rocks off repeatedly? Shouldn’t he be inciting mayhem and countless other evils? This is dumb!

Hehehehe, sex.

Belline also appears. An angel who left heaven with Lucifer. She appears to the teen daughter and torments the husband. It becomes confusing as to which soul they are actually trying to collect through all of this, but they are getting banged heartily. I’m not kidding when I say that is practically all that happens here. Dumb.

The body count is low. It isn’t scary. There’s minimal blood, and lots of the lead’s boobs. There’s also a cat that makes a cool sound that you hear throughout the film, but is given no explanation.


Banged by Satan can be streamed with Amazon Prime under the title Demon Seed, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This flick is a true dud. Your life will not be better for having endured it.


Stay slime, and be rad at all times!

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