[Drive-In Double Feature] Embrace the Weird

I propose that you settle in for one of the most awkward nights of your cinematic-viewing life this weekend (after seeing Alien: Covenant, of course). Stepping out of character for a moment, the two movies I’ve chosen for this DIDF have nothing to do with this week’s episode, and they’re both fairly recent films. Both, though, will make your skin crawl, not unlike they way Curb Your Enthusiasm makes you constantly shift in your seat from the awkwardness unfolding on your screen. Both are genre. Both are also dark comedies. And both are built upon the foundation of a touching story (believe it or not).

Movie #1 – Excision

(2012 / NR / 1h 21m)
Starring: AnnaLynne McCord, Roger Bart, Ariel Winter, Traci Lords
Written & Directed by: Richard Bates Jr.

Pauline is the typical “weird girl” with whom we all went to high school. The difference is that Pauline is a character from a movie and (hopefully) does things that wouldn’t happen in real life. She and her mother, Phyllis, don’t quite see eye-to-eye, and this drives Phyllis to the brink brink of insanity. Phyllis is a prim-and-proper, all-American housewife, just trying to hold her family together. Pauline’s father just sits idly by, chiming in from time-to-time, but ultimately just sucks up oxygen that could be better used by Pauline’s sister, Grace. Unfortunately, Grace has cystic fibrosis and will soon need a lung transplant. Worry not, though! Pauline is a budding surgeon, and has been studying for her entire life. With a priest acting as her therapist (played by John Waters, no less!), dreams involving blood-orgies, a dying sister, a comatose father, and mother who insists on cotillion classes, Pauline is just your typical teenager trying to get by.


Watch the trailer:

Movie #2 – The Greasy Strangler

(2016 / NR / 1h 33m)
S: Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth De Razzo
W: Toby Harvard, Jim Hosking
D: Jim Hosking

Big Ronnie and his son, Big Brayden, haven’t been apart from one another since… the beginning of time, I assume. They run a walking disco tour through the streets of their town, pointing out, for instance, where the Bee Gees wrote the lyrics for “that fabulous, spunky song, Night Fever.” But lo, the beast harkens at night, and a psychopath roams the streets, killing the people of their fair city. Love conquers all, though, and Big Brayden starts dating Janet, to whom Big Ronnie has also taken a liking. Janet is passed from son to father and back again (consensually, of course), and the relationship between the Bigs starts to deteriorate. With a big, floppy dick just a’flappin’ in the carwash, vulgarities that would make your mother faint thrown around all will-nilly, and the most awkward comedy you will ever see, The Greasy Strangler is Napoleon Dynamite for the twisted mind.

Watch the trailer:

Total Time: 1h 21m + 10m break + 1h 33m = 3h 04m

I sincerely hope you give these movies a shot. Excision will send you through the wringer of emotions. The Greasy Strangler will… well I don’t know. It’s weird. But you gotta embrace the weird!

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