Rats, Snakes, and… Dumpsters, Oh My!

I’ll Take One Chocolate Peanut Butter… And The Rat

It was about five years ago that cupcake fever swept the nation. Bakeries specializing in the little mounds of goodness were sprouting up all over the place. Television shows like Cupcake Wars were all the rage. Since then it seems the craze has died down a bit, but is now catching up to our vermin friends.

A recent video on YouTube shows a rat who has seemed to finally catch that cupcake fever. Just like Pizza Rat, Cupcake Rat just needed to eat. The video shows the rodent running around inside a display case at Sprinkles Cupcakes in Los Angeles. Store owners were mortified and temporarily shut down to resolve the situation, blaming “structural malfunction” for the critter sneaking in. After reading this I immediately thought of this scene from one of my favorite movies from childhood.

Sssssssssweet Dreams

This one hits a little closer to home. After a long day in the trenches, dealing with traffic, annoying co-workers, fighting off angry gargoyles, and coercing the local ogre to leave the neighborhood children alone, all we ever want to do is slide into our comfortable beds, snuggle up to our lovers (or overstuffed pillow), and drift off to dreamland. Well, when a woman near Bluestem Lake in Lancaster County, Nebraska was about to do the same she discovered someone (thing) was waiting for her in her bed: a 3-foot bull snake. After angering the snake by throwing a shoe at it, the woman called authorities to come an remove the reptile. Sleep tight, kids.


Attack Of The Killer Dumpsters

There have been tornadoes, sharknadoes, and bugnadoes. Now we have dumpsternadoes. As we all live in a constant fear of our president pissing off the wrong country – one of those countries being Russia – a video online shows just the type of power Russia has. During a windstorm in Moscow, a man is seen walking through a parking lot when a full-size dumpster comes flying at him, flipping over just in time as to not crush him. (I had to watch the video three times to make sure the man actually got away.) If Russia has the power to send inanimate objects chasing us down the street, just think what else they could do. First it starts with dumpsters, then it moves to Terminators.

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