Let Me Watch that for You: Hellions


Directed By: Bruce McDonald
Written By: Pascal Trottier
Released:  September 18, 2015
Runtime: 81 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Hellions is a 2015 Canadian horror movie that introduces us to Dora. Dora is your everyday teen getting ready to enjoy Halloween that finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant. To make things worse, on Halloween she is visited by wave after wave of creepy trick or treaters that want her unborn baby.

This movie starts out promising but unfortunately becomes somewhat of an unorganized mess about half way through. The movie does have a creepy atmosphere and the trick or treaters are menacing and very creepy but the plot just falls apart. Halfway through, the movie shifts over to a really muted, nearly black and white style that is kind of neat but not really necessary. There is also a huge indoor windstorm that is incredibly loud, not explained at all, and pretty annoying. As the night progresses we find out that the children are after Dora’s unborn baby (that for some reason is gestating at an exponential speed). This is shown to us during a creepy hallucination that was my favorite part of the movie. The night culminates with a pretty nasty show of blood and guts followed by what looked like a purposely vague and confusing ending.

I really can’t see myself recommending this movie, but go ahead and give it a watch if you want to see some creepy demon children, a lot of unnecessarily disorienting visual and audio effects, and a giant half human-half squid baby.

Grade: 3/10


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