[Show Notes] #69 Marie Schuett


Marie Schuett (Neighbors, Lovers, and All the Others, Shelterbelt Theatre)





Marie Schuett

I feel a special kinship to playwrights. I even sometimes pretend to be one. But when I talk to other writers, I love to talk shop – process, blockage, ups and downs, etc. I first heard about Marie Schuett (Marie Amthor back then) when her play “The Other Sewing Circle” premiered at Omaha’s Shelterbelt Theatre. I never saw the show, but so many people I knew couldn’t stop talking about it. I knew I should probably meet her at some point, for nothing else than to learn something. Well, Marie has a new play premiering at the Belt in July, and it sounds fantastic. It was perfect timing for her to be on the show (and more importantly, so I could finally meet this remarkable woman).

This week we decided to change the format of the show a little bit. Maybe for good. Maybe not. We’ll see. We said goodbye to News of the Dead this week (remember, if you want daily horror news, Bloody-Disgusting is your go-to site). Getting rid of the news segment gives us more time to talk about our guest and more time to talk about what this whole podcast is about – movies! Going forward, the plan is to have topic to discuss based around the movie of the week. With that in mind, “The List” returned this week, and Kevin, Marie, and I each listed off five haunted house movies we enjoy. Here’s our lists:

Marie’s Picks
Kevin’s Picks
Anthony’s Picks




Song: Bleeders

Album: The L-Shaped Man



Feature Presentation

Poltergeist {1982 / PG / 1h 54m}
SLM Production Group, MGM
Written by: Steven Spielberg, Michael Graise, Mark Victor
Directed by: Tobe Hooper
Starring: Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams, Heather O’Rourke

“In a quiet, cookie cutter suburb, the Freeling family goes about their idilic lives. Mom and Dad jump on the bed while smoking weed, Carol Ann and Robbie share a bedroom with the scariest clown doll you’ve laid eyes on staring at them while they slumber, and teenage daughter Dana handles construction worker cat calls like every woman should. What the Freelings don’t know is that their neighborhood has been built on an old cemetery, and the dead are pissed. The ghouls enter the house through the nightmare of all over childhoods (white noise on the television) and eventually try to use a monster tree to try and kill Robbie, and kidnap little Carol Ann through a giant walk in closet that would make most adults jealous. To combat the evil forces the family calls a poor man’s Ghostbusters for help, who then elicit the help of a munchkin (Mr. Freelings words, not mine). Will the Freelings be reunited with their baby? Will the developers ever learn their lesson? Will their ever be enough weed for the family to finally put this behind them?”

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