Let Me Watch that for You: Beyond the Gates

Beyond the Gates

Directed By: Jackson Stewart
Written By: Stephen Scarlata and Jackson Stewart
Released:  December 9, 2016
Runtime: 84 Minutes
Watch this on: Netflix

Beyond the Gates is a 2016 American horror movie that introduces us to Gordon and John Hardesty, two brothers cleaning out the family video store after the mysterious disappearance of their father. After discovering a creepy VHS board game the brothers find themselves fighting for their souls.

These days it sometimes feels like things are trying too hard to be nostalgic and play on our fondest memories of yesteryear. Beyond the Gates doesn’t try too hard but brings us loads of nostalgia effortlessly. From the amazing, super synth-heavy soundtrack to the box art, this movie takes us back to the glory days of direct to VHS horror. The movie does take it’s time introducing us to Gordon and John, allowing us to take in their strained relationship, giving glimpses into why they haven’t been close. The brothers are played excellently by Graham Skipper and Chase Williamson who tackle the distanced family roles while still managing to bring some dry humor to break up the tension. Beyond the Gates also takes us back via the phenomenal practical gore effects. The kills are few, but they are creative, and they really deliver the goods as far as blood and guts go. It’s not all glowing positives, though, as I felt that the last 20 minutes were quickly thrown together, building to a low-impact ending.

I highly recommend this movie; give it a watch if you want to see a throwback to the old direct-to-VHS movies of the 80s and 90s, if you want to hear a delightfully retro synth score, and if you want to see a man disemboweled by an invisible assailant!

Grade: 9/10

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