Schlock & Gore: haiku reviews vol. 2!

haiku and brief reflections on The Wizard of Gore, Demon of Paradise, Queen Wasp, Killer Workout, and Beyond the Darkness.


The Wizard of Gore (1970)
illusions or not
volunteers meet awful ends
sure as the sun sets

I didn’t find much to talk about when it came to The Wizard of Gore. As dull and repetitive as Everybody Loves Raymond. My least favorite of all of HG Lewis’ films I have seen to date. It was nice to see they were trying to push the limits of gore in film back in 1970, however. It just doesn’t stack up to the things we have seen since.


Demon of Paradise (1988)
dynamite fishers
disturb the knock-off Gillman
“Take a hike, Spaz-Ass”

A cheap creature feature with all the poor dubbing and awful dialogue you could want, yet still fails to entertain. Probably couldn’t even enjoy a pizza to this rubbish.


Queen Wasp (2016)
place trust in a short
become severely let down
skip the full review

I obtained a copy of this blindly. It’s a short film (about revenge in the future?) with the directors’ other short films as bonus features. Unfortunately none of them impressed and none of the ideas felt original to me. No real attempt was made to show action on the screen. Everything was cutaway or implied violence. Bracing for backlash.


Killer Workout AKA Aerobicide (1987)
Boobs? Check. Spandex? Check.
A killer is loose between
workout montages

This one is actually a lot of fun. A good movie to have in the background at parties. Nearly every time you look at the screen there’s something to chuckle at. Lots of sweaty 80’s babes performing questionable aerobics.


Beyond the Darkness (1979)
oh no my girl died
better taxidermy her
and feed from bosoms

Joe D’Amato gets weird. Necrophilic. Oedipal. There’s hacking of bodies and tossing the chunks in a bathtub full of acid. There’s cannibalism too. Something for everyone. A little dull but good moments throughout. Pick this one up from Severin.

Stay slime, and be RAD at all times!

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