#SummerOfSlash: UNCLE SAM

As far as summer slashers go, there is no better movie that Uncle Sam to play on this day. As far as any other type of movie, I can think of 4,284,693 other titles I’d rather play on July 4th. It’s… not good. I’ll let this one slide, you guys. For crying out loud, throw on Jaws instead.

Uncle Sam reconnects the director/writer team of William Lustig and Larry Cohen (Maniac Cop trilogy). I don’t understand what the hell happened with this movie, because I’m usually a fan of each. Lustig’s direction is superior to the material with which he had to work. The story is dumb-as-shit. The performances are less-than. But I’ll end with some positives.

The makeup FX are excellent (think Wishmaster). This was made in the mid-90s by two genre veterans, so you sure as shit get practical FX, including real explosions and stuntmen in fire suits flailing about. And lastly, the satire of the whole story was great. It just wasn’t executed very well. It was far too “on the nose.” With that in mind, that piece of the film is very poignant for where our country’s leadership seems to be taking us at the moment. If you’re brave enough to own this, pick up the Blu-ray from Bill Lustig’s Blue Underground:

Buy here!

Good luck with this one, and happy slashing!

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